Brockport General Education

Undergraduate Majors/Programs

Tompkins-Cortland CC Courses Brockport Equivalents
ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I ACC 281 Intro Finan Acc
ACCT 102 Principles of Accounting II ACC 282 Intro Manag Acc
ACCT 203 Intermediate Accounting I ACC 385 Intermed Acct I
ACCT 204 Intermediate Accounting II ACC 3TR upper division
ANTH 201 Intro to Anthropology ANT 1TR lower division
ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology ANT 100 Intro Cultrl Ant
ART 101 History & Apprec. of Art I ARH 201 World Art I
ART 102 History & Apprec. of Art II ARH 202 World Art II
ART 110 Design I ART 210 2-Dim Design
ART 111 Photography I ART 331 Photography I
ART 112 Photography II ART 332 Photography II
ART 114 Design II ART 212 3-Dim Design
ART 115 Painting I ART 341 Painting I
ART 116 Painting II ART 3TR upper division
ART 120 Drawing I ART 221 Drawing I
ART 122 Drawing II ART 3TR upper division
ART 130 Ceramics ART 371 Ceramics I
ASTR 101 Introductory Astronomy AST 203 Gen Astronomy
BIOL 100 Human Biology BIO 281 Human Biology
BIOL 104 General Biology I BIO 201 Biology I
BIOL 105 General Biology II BIO 1TR lower division
BIOL 114 Essentials of Nutrition HLS 311 Nutrition
BIOL 131 Princ of Human Anat& Phys I BIO 321 Anat Physiol I
BIOL 132 Princ of Human Anat& Phys II BIO 322 Anat Physiol II
BIOL 201 Human Anat & Phys I BIO 321 Anat Physiol I
BIOL 202 Human Anat & Phys II BIO 322 Anat Physiol II
BIOL 205 General Genetics BIO 302 Genetics
BIOL 211 Ecology BIO 303 Ecology
BIOL 216 General Microbiology BIO 323 Microbiology
BIOL 220 Cell Biology
BIOL 221 Cell Biology Lab
BIO 301 Cell Biology
BUAD 101 Business Communications ENG 3TR upper elective
BUAD 111 International Business BUS 345 Intl Bus Envirnt
BUAD 201 Business Law I BUS 375 Business Law I
BUAD 202 Business Law II BUS 3TR upper division
BUAD 204 Principles of Marketing BUS 335 Prin of Markting
BUAD 208 Principles of Management BUS 365 Prin Management
CHEM 107 General Chemistry I CHM 205 College Chem I
CHEM 108 General Chemistry II CHM 206 College Chem II
CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry I CHM 305 Organic Chem I
CHEM 206 Organic Chemistry II CHM 306 Organic Chem II
COMM 101 Mass Media CMC 210 Comm Revolutions
COMM 210 TV Production & Direction JRB 348 TV Production
COMM 215 Intro to Public Relations JRB 225 Pr Principles & Practices
COMM 220 Radio Production JRB 346 Radio Production
CRJU 104 Intro to Corrections CRJ 207 Corrections
CRJU 105 Intro to Criminal Justice CRJ 101 Intro To CRJ
CRJU 205 Concepts of Criminal Law CRJ 311 Criminal Law
CRJU 215 Legal Aspects of Evidence CRJ 3TR upper division
CSCI 165 Computing Fundamentals I CSC 203 Fund. Computer Sci I
CSCI 205 Computing Fundamentals II CSC 205 Fund. Computer Sci II
ECON 101 Introduction to Economics ECN 1TR lower division
ECON 120 Principles of Microeconomics ECN 201 Prin Of Ec Micro
ECON 121 Principles of Macroeconomics ECN 202 Prin Of Ec Macro
EDUC 201 Intro to Teaching Profession EDI 1TR lower division
EDUC 295 Foundation of Education EDI 430 Ed and Society
ENGL 101 Academic Writing I ENL 112 College Comp
ENGL 103 Report Writing ENG 3TR Tech Writing
ENGL 201 Fundamentals of Speech CMC 201 Public Speaking
ENGL 204 Fund. of Interper. Comm. CMC 273 Interper Comm
ENGL 205 American Literature I ENG 240 American Lit I
ENGL 206 American Literature II ENG 241 American Lit II
ENGL 208 Intro to Native American Lit. ENG 237 Native Amer Lit
ENGL 220 Literature for Children ENG 396 Children’s Lit
ENGL 225 World Literature I ENG 1TR Intro World Lit
ENGL 227 Creative Writing Workshop ENG 210 Creative Writing
ENGL 233 Film Analysis ENG 3TR upper division
ENGL 234 African-American Literature ENG 235 Intro Afro Lit
ENGL 237 Journalism CMC 1TR lower division
ENGL 245 Survey of British Lit. I ENG 230 British Lit I
ENGL 246 Survey of British Lit. II ENG 231 British Lit II
ENGL 248 Contemporary Women Writers ENG 3TR upper division
FREN 101 Beginning French I FRN 111 Beg French I
FREN 102 Beginning French II FRN 112 Beg French II
FREN 201 Intermediate French I FRN 211 Inter French I
FREN 202 Intermediate French II FRN 212 Inter French II
GEOL 101 Introductory Geology GEL 201 Intro Phys Gel
GERM 101 Beginning German I GRM 111 Beg German I
GERM 102 Beginning German II GRM 112 Beg German Ii
HLTH 205 First Aid & Safety Educ. HLS 210 FA CPR Athletics
HLTH 207 Drug Studies HLS 3TR upper division
HLTH 208 Alcohol and Alcoholism HLS 3TR upper division
HLTH 209 Community Health HLS 3TR upper division
HLTH 210 Consumer Health Issues HLS 3TR upper division
HSTY 101 Dev. of the Western Trad. I HST 1TR lower division
HSTY 102 Dev. of the Western Trad. II HST 1TR lower division
HSTY 111 World History Since 1500 HST 202 Modern World
HSTY 201 American History to 1877 HST 211 Early America
HSTY 202 American History Since 1877 HST 212 Modern America
HSTY 225 African American History HST 113 Afro Am History
HSTY 233 Women in U.S. History HST 328 Women In America
HSTY 252 Native American History I HST 310 Am Indian Hst
HSTY 253 Native American History II HST 310 Am Indian Hst
HSTY 252 Native American History I
HSTY 253 Native American History II
HST 310 Am Indian Hst
HST 3TR upper division
HUMS 104 Introduction to Corrections CRJ 207 Corrections
HUMS 128 Family: Strength-Based Interven. SOC 3TR upper division
MATH 132 College Algebra and Trig MTH 121 College Algebra
MATH 135 Precalculus Mathematics MTH 122 Pre-Calculus
MATH 181 Discrete Mathematics MTH 281 Discrete Math
MATH 200 Statistics MTH 243 Elem Statistics
MATH 201 Calculus I MTH 201 Calculus I
MATH 202 Calculus II MTH 202 Calculus II
MATH 203 Calculus III MTH 203 Calculus III
MATH 206 Differential Equations MTH 255 Ord Diffr Equatn
METR 101 Intro Meteorology ESC 211 Intro Met
MUSI 101 Music Appreciation MUS 1TR lower division
PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy PHL 101 Intro Philosophy
PHIL 105 Logic PHL 202 Logic
PHIL 205 Critical Thinkng PHL 104 Critical Thinkng
PHIL 210 Ethics PHL 102 Intro To Ethics
PHSC 104 General Physics I PHS 205 Gen Phys I W/Lab
PHSC 105 General Physics II PHS 210 Gen Phys IIw/Lab
PHSC 211 Physics I (Mechanics & Heat) PHS 235 Col Phys I W/Lab
PHSC 212 Physics II (Elect& Magnetism) PHS 240 Col Phys 2 W/Lab
POSC 103 American National Govt PLS 113 Americn Politics
POSC 104 American State & Local Govt PLS 318 State & Loc Govt
PSYC 101 Psych of Personal Growth PSH 1TR lower division
PSYC 103* Intro to Psychology PSH 110 Princip Of Psych
PSYC 200 Personality PSH 331 Personality
PSYC 201 Social Psychology PSH 332 Social Psych
PSYC 205 Developmental Psych: Child PSH 384 Child Psychology
PSYC 207 Developmental Psych: Adol PSH 484 Adolescence
PSYC 208 Developmental Psych: Adult PSH 3TR upper division
PSYC 209 EducationalPsychology PSH 3TR upper division
PSYC 218 Abnormal Psychology PSH 334 Abnormal Psychol
RECR 110 Intro to Recreation REL 302 Leis & Indiv & Soc
RECR 120 Leadership in Rec. REL 395 Leadership Rel
RECR 200 Intro to Community Rec. REL 312 Mgmt Of Rec & Le
RECR 201 Intro to Therapeutic Rec. REL 305 Intro Therapeutic Rec
RECR 210 Diversity & Inclusion in Rec. REL 306 Iss Div & Disablty Rec
RECR 220 Programming in Rec & Leisure REL 308 Rec Programming
RECR 285 Recreation Field Work REL 307 Practicum
RUSN 101 Beginning Russian I RSN 111 Beg Russian I
RUSN 102 Beginning Russian II RSN 112 Beg Russian II
SOCE 201 Human Sexuality SOC 3TR upper division
SOCI 101* Introduction to Sociology SOC 100 Intro To Soc
SOCI 201 Sociology of the Family SOC 361 Sex Marr & Fam
SOCI 205 Contemporary Social Problems SOC 210 Social Problems
SOCI 206 Juvenile Delinquency SOC 3TR upper division
SOCI 207 Introduction to Criminology CRJ 494 Criminology
SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I SPN 111 Beg Spanish I
SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II SPN 112 Beg Spanish II
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish III SPN 211 Inter Spanish I
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish IV SPN 212 Inter Spanish II
SPMT 150 Foundations of Sport Mgmt PEP 3TR upper division
TOUR 101 Intro to Tourism REL 314 Tourism Prin
WOST 208 Women and Art WMS 3TR upper division
WOST 233 Women in U.S. History WMS 3TR upper division
WOST 248 Contemporary Women Writers WMS 3TR upper division

1TR/2TR = Lower division elective; 3TR/4TR = Upper division elective