University of Buffalo

Courses Meeting Brockport’s Local General Education Requirements

The local Brockport General Education requirements which you need to complete in addition to the SUNY 10 are identified here.

Courses are listed that meet both Brockport’s Diversity and Perspectives on Women requirements. Taking any of these courses will complete these additional requirements before you arrive at Brockport. For information on SUNY Brockport’s General Education Program, including how your transfer status impacts your requirements, the SUNY 10 and other important related information, see:

Courses from University of Buffalo that fill Brockport’s local general education requirements:

AAS 118 Introduction to African American Music
HIS 161 United States History I
HIS 162 United States History II
HIS 493 Topics in African-American History
PHI 115 Critical Thinking
PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics
SOC 206 Social Problems
AAS 302 Not Found*
AAS 386 Male-Female Relationships
AHI 380 Image and Gender
AMS 140 Not Found*
AMS 213 Not Found*
AMS 214 Not Found*
AMS 219 Not Found*
AMS 225 Not Found*
AMS 414 Not Found*
APY 218 Men, Women and War
CL 210 Women in the Ancient World
COL 140 Language of Sexuality
CPM 387 Black Females in Literature
ENG 272 Literary Approaches: Women Writers
ENG 274 Feminist Approaches to Literature
ENG 280 American Women Writers
ENG 385 Literature and Gender
ENG 479 Women Writers and Literary Traditions, 1650-1945
ENG 480 Women Writers and Literary Traditions, 1650-1945
FR 338 Women Writers of Francophone Africa
HIS 341 Not Found*
HIS 356 Social History of Women in the U.S., 1875-Present
HIS 388 European Women’s History
HIS 412 Topics in Women’s History
HIS 464 Not Found*
HMN 215 Women’s Language
JDS 112 Women in the Jewish Family
JDS 207 Women in Jewish Society
JDS 209 Women in Jewish Literature
PSC 378 Politics of Gender
PSY 226 Not Found*
PSY 228 Not Found*
PSY 311 Not Found*
PSY 325 Health Psychology
SOC 238 Women, Work, and Family in the 20th Century
SOC 313 Sociology of the Family
SOC 314 Sociology of Gender
SOC 466 Not Found*
SOC 475 Not Found*
WS 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WS 203 Not Found*
WS 219 Women of Color and the American Experience
WS 221 Not Found*
WS 227 The Feminist Essay
WS 238 Women, Work, and Family in the Twentieth Century
WS 252 Social History of Women in United States, 1650-1875
WS 315 Cross-Cultural Study of Women
WS 316 Not Found*
WS 334 Women Writers Workshop: Poetry
WS 387 Black Female in Literature
WS 435 History of Working Women
WS 464 History of the United States Feminist Movement
WS 485 Not Found*

*If the course title is listed as “Not Found,” this course is no longer offered, although if taken previously, will still meet the requirement.