Schenectady County CC

Courses Meeting Brockport’s Local General Education Requirements

The local Brockport General Education requirements which you need to complete in addition to the SUNY 10 are identified here.

Courses are listed that meet both Brockport’s Diversity and Perspectives on Women requirements. Taking any of these courses will complete these additional requirements before you arrive at Brockport. For information on SUNY Brockport’s General Education Program, including how your transfer status impacts your requirements, the SUNY 10 and other important related information, see:

Courses from Schenectady CCC that fill Brockport’s local general education requirements:

HIS 130 Intro to Black History in the US
HIS 227 American History to 1877
HIS 229 American History Since 1877
LIT 160 Not Found*
LIT 211 Native American Literature
LIT 212 Literature of the Hudson-Mohawk
LIT 214 Black Literature
LIT 256 American Literature to 1850
LIT 258 American Literature Since 1850
LIT 295 Hispanic Lit/Western Hemisphere
MUS 131 African American Music Survey
POL 123 National Governments
SOC 122 Social Problems
SOC 128 Minority Groups
SOC 220 Minority Groups
HSS 230 Language, Women, and Gender
LIT 220 Women’s Literature
LIT 258 American Literature Since 1850
SOC 222 Marriage and The Family

*If the course title is listed as “Not Found,” this course is no longer offered, although if taken previously, will still meet the requirement.