Courses Meeting Brockport’s Local General Education Requirements

The local Brockport General Education requirements which you need to complete in addition to the SUNY 10 are identified here.

Courses are listed that meet both Brockport’s Diversity and Perspectives on Women requirements. Taking any of these courses will complete these additional requirements before you arrive at Brockport. For information on SUNY Brockport’s General Education Program, including how your transfer status impacts your requirements, the SUNY 10 and other important related information, see:

Courses from Plattsburgh that fill Brockport’s local general education requirements:

HIS 101 United States Civilization to 1877
HIS 102 United States Civilization Since 1877
PSC 100 U.S. National Politics
SOC 102 Not Found*
WMS 204 Women of Color in U.S. Society
AAS 303 Black Women: Contemporary Social and Political Commentary
ANT 101 Introduction to Human Evolution
ANT 303 Sexuality and Culture
ANT 313 The Family
ANT 351 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ART 374 Not Found*
BIO 211 Biology of Women
ENG 112 Not Found*
ENG 131 Not Found*
ENG 371 Modern American Women Writers
ENG 373 Women in Medieval Literature
HIS 303 History of the American Woman
HIS 309 History of the American Family
HIS 340 History of Women in Europe
HIS 366 History of Women in Latin America
HIS 370 History of Canadian Women
MAT 192 Not Found*
MGM 434 Gender and Management: Issues and Strategies
PSY 364 Sex Roles & Sexuality
PSY 460 Psychology of Women
SOC 305 Sociology of Women
SOC 312 Sociology of Families
THE 350 Not Found*
WMS 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WMS 204 Women of Color in U.S. Society
WMS 219 Women in Popular Culture
WMS 289 Perspectives in Women’s Health
WMS 301 Global Perspectives on Women’s Issues
WMS 302 Feminist Framework
WMS 315 Women and The Law
WMS 360 Lesbian and Gay Studies

*If the course title is listed as “Not Found,” this course is no longer offered, although if taken previously, will still meet the requirement.