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Courses Meeting Brockport’s Local General Education Requirements

The local Brockport General Education requirements which you need to complete in addition to the SUNY 10 are identified here.

Courses are listed that meet both Brockport’s Diversity and Perspectives on Women requirements. Taking any of these courses will complete these additional requirements before you arrive at Brockport. For information on SUNY Brockport’s General Education Program, including how your transfer status impacts your requirements, the SUNY 10 and other important related information, see:

Courses from JCC that fill Brockport’s local general education requirements:

ANT 2510/251 Peoples & Cultures of the Americas
ENG 2550/255 American Literature 1820-1890
ENG 2560/256 American Literature 1865-1945
HIS 1530/153 U.S. History I
HIS 1540/154 U.S. History II
POL 1510/151 American Politics
SOC 2510/251 Marriage and the Family
SOC 2520/252 Social Problems
SOC 2580/258 Minorities in American Society
ANT/BIO/CMM 2600 Planet Earth: Critical Topics
BIO/PHL 2570 Environmental Issues and Ethics
PHL 2630 Contemporary Moral Problems
PHL2720 Biomedical Ethics
BIO 1730/173 Origin, Creation, & Evolution
ENG 2560/256 American Literature 1865-1945
HUS 1320/132 Women and Addiction
POL 255 Not Found*
PSY 2570/257 Human Sexuality
PSY 2710/271 Transpersonal Psychology
SOC 2510/251 Marriage and the Family

*If the course title is listed as “Not Found,” this course is no longer offered, although if taken previously, will still meet the requirement.

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