Herkimer CC

Courses Meeting Brockport’s Local General Education Requirements

The local Brockport General Education requirements which you need to complete in addition to the SUNY 10 are identified here.

Courses are listed that meet both Brockport’s Diversity and Perspectives on Women requirements. Taking any of these courses will complete these additional requirements before you arrive at Brockport. For information on SUNY Brockport’s General Education Program, including how your transfer status impacts your requirements, the SUNY 10 and other important related information, see:

Courses from Herkimer CC that fill Brockport’s local general education requirements:

ED 110 Introduction to Education
SS 121 American History I
SS 122 American History II
SS 141 American Government
SS 162 Social Problems
SS 241 American Minorities
ED 110 Introduction to Education
ED 110 Introduction to Education
EN 236 Women in Literature
SS 163 Marriage and Family

*If the course title is listed as “Not Found,” this course is no longer offered, although if taken previously, will still meet the requirement.

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