Once you’re matriculated at SUNY Brockport, you may still take courses at other colleges and universities whether in summer school or as a visiting student.

What You Should Know

Always keep in mind that when you do this, the 64-credit and 90-credit maximums still apply.

  • If you want the course to count toward the General Education requirements or your major requirements, please complete a Student Course Approval Form
    • This form, when signed by the appropriate persons, ensures that your credit is accepted when you return. Please bring a copy of the course description when you seek approval, so they’ll be able to make an informed judgment on the matter.
  • Brockport will grant transfer credit for courses in which you attain a grade of “C-” or “D” only so long as your overall GPA for transferred credit does not fall below 2.0. (This is to ensure that you have earned at least a 2.0 for all the courses that contribute to your baccalaureate degree, whether taken here or elsewhere.)
    • This means that, if you’ve never transferred credits previously and you earn a “C” and a “D” in summer school elsewhere, Brockport will only grant credit for the “C.”
    • If you manage a “B” and a “D,” you’ll get credit for both. And so on. If you already have a transfer record, then the rule for “C-” or below is based upon your total transfer GPA.