Students wishing to take up to 24 credits, non-degree seeking, without officially enrolling at SUNY Brockport may apply as a non-matriculated student.




Applications received after these dates will only be processed for the wait list, and admissions decisions will be made on a space-available basis.

Non-matriculated students are eligible to register for up to six semester hours of undergraduate course work in their first semester and nine credits in any subsequent semester, provided they maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Please note that non-matriculated students:
  • are not eligible for financial aid;
  • receive limited academic advisement;
  • must submit all official documents (college/high school transcripts) to continue as a non-matriculated student for the following semester;
  • are subject to all changes in the course catalog if they choose to enroll at a later date;
  • are limited to a maximum of 24 credit hours as a non-matriculated student.

Non-Matriculated Student Requirements

To be eligible to apply as a non-matriculated student, you must:

  • meet the same undergraduate admission requirements as freshmen or transfer students;
  • have earned a high school diploma or GED and be considered an undergraduate student (students with a bachelor’s degree should work with the Center for Graduate Studies)
  • have never been enrolled at SUNY Brockport.


Complete the Non-Matriculated Student Application and submit it along with the $25 application fee.

Non-Matriculated Transfer Application

Non-Matriculated High School Student Requirements

High school students may enroll in one class per semester at SUNY Brockport.


  • Complete a Non-Matriculated High School Student Application.
  • Submit a letter from a parent or school counselor stating that they are supportive of your interest in taking courses at the collegiate level.
  • Please bring the letter with you to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions upon applying.

Non-Matriculated High School Student Application

Visiting Student Requirements

Visiting students are matriculated at another college but are taking classes at SUNY Brockport.


  • Complete the Visiting Student Application.
  • You must have the application signed by your advisor (at your home institution) — indicating approval of all courses you wish to complete at SUNY Brockport and providing signed proof of your academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Submit official transcripts from each college/university from which you have received credit.
  • You must meet our current admissions standards for transfer students.

Visiting students are responsible for tuition, fees, and charges at SUNY Brockport. Your home school must sign a consortium agreement with our Financial Aid Office for you to receive financial aid. If you are in need of financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office before you apply.

Visiting Student Application