Queer Studies

Are issues of social justice important to you? Do you want to become an advocate for trans and non-binary identities? In addition to learning about the history of women’s rights, you’ll explore issues of gender norms, sexual orientation and gender identity. Immerse yourself in a line of work that will make you a better activist for the people who need your voice.

Disability Studies

Discover how ableism impacts society and how to combat it. Whether you’re studying to become a teacher, programming accessible apps for the web, or lobbying for rights for the disabled, a minor in disability studies will enrich your life and your profession.

Impassioned Involvement

Our students are not simply learning about avenues for liberation and change in the classroom – they’re actively doing it. From PRIDE Association, to the Gender Equity Movement Club, to sitting on a LGBTQ+ Advisory Board, you will have countless opportunities to affect change in the Brockport community and beyond. You’ll even gain college credit from a required internship while doing the work you already love.