Dr. Robert Powell
Interim Assistant Director, SUNY Washington Internship Program

Dr. Powell has a BS in Biological Sciences from Ohio University. He received his PhD in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Powell’s professional background includes a number of different positions with agencies and NGO’s related to the ecology and conservation of endangered species, and has worked on these issues in places including New York, Maryland, Florida, Texas, and Mexico. After graduating from college, he was an intern in Washington, DC for two natural resource organizations, experiences he considers valuable in shaping his career path.

Dr. Powell works out of the Washington, DC office and helps manage all aspects of the SUNY Washington Internship Program.


Dr. Steven Jurek
Associate Professor, Political Science
207C Hartwell Hall
Telephone: (585) 395-5677

Dr. Jurek has a BS in Political Science from the University at Buffalo. He received his Master’s in Political Science from the University at Buffalo, and his PhD in Political Science from the University at Buffalo.

On campus at Brockport, Dr. Jurek’s research and teaching interests are in: Comparative Politics, European Integration, Political Geography, Civil-military relations, Democratization in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He also leads the Brockport European Union Simulation club (EuroSim).

Dr. Susan Orr
Associate Professor, Political Science
209C Hartwell Hall
Telephone: (585) 395-5676

Dr. Orr has a BA in Economics from Rollins College. She received both her Master’s and PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida.

Her primary research interest is in the politics of organized labor in the US. She primarily focuses on how US labor law and politics shape the formation of labor unions, as well as how labor unions influence the behavior of their members. She is also beginning to delve into new research projects experiences promote active citizenship among students.

On campus at Brockport, Dr. Orr teaches classes in: American Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Politics of Work and Labor, Political Science Research Methods, American Political Issues, Perspectives on American Democracy, and Perspectives on Citizenship.