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Academic Requirements

  Semester Program Summer Program
Credits* Up to 16 (Undergraduate)
9 credits (Graduate)
6 credits
Weeks 15 weeks 8 weeks
GPA 2.5 minimum (2.75 recommended) 2.5 minimum (3.0 recommended)

*The types of credit and subject areas are up to the discretion of the student’s home school.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of 4 days at the internship site as well as a Friday seminar class. It also consists of a series of seminars led by outside experts on selected aspects of public policy and process. Typically, students have the opportunity to hear 10-12 guest speakers.

The experience also includes:

  • an orientation to Washington and the policy-making process
  • a discussion of internships in general
  • learning from the internship experiences of past and current students
  • an explanation by the instructor of the program (research papers, student presentations, journals, etc.)
  • a presentation on their internship research topic

Undergraduate students earn up to 16 credits during the fall/spring semesters and 6 credits during the summer, while graduate students earn up to 9 credits during the fall/spring semesters and 6 credits during the summer.

Courses Credit Hours
Credit hours
Washington Program Internship-OAP-491/591 1 6 3
Washington Program Seminar-OAP-497/597 1 4/3 2 3
Washington Program Research Project-OAP-496 6/ N/A N/A

1 OAP-491/497 apply to undergraduate students and OAP-591/597 apply to graduate students.
2 Undergraduate students earn 4 credits for the seminar course and graduate students earn 3 credits.

The Research Component

One of the academic requirements of the semester program is the submission of a 5,000-word research paper. The uniqueness of the Washington setting and internship placement allows students the opportunity to engage in original research, which may involve examining new issues and talking with and interviewing experts on policy and the policy-making process.

Each student will make a half-hour presentation on the subject of the research paper.


Student grades are based on:

  • Internship supervisors’ evaluations
  • Student’s internship journal
  • Speaker analysis papers
  • Internship presentation
  • Internship evaluation paper
  • 15-20 - page research paper and presentation (Fall/Spring)
  • Participation in class meetings