Application Criteria

Now is the time to launch your career by spending a semester or summer interning in the nation’s capital.

Class taking a tour of the Pentagon Class taking a tour of the Pentagon

Participate in your own learning outcomes to broaden your perspective on the world and open doors to new career possibilities. Employers and graduate programs view internships as a positive indicator of future success in work and professional environments. The experience will prepare you for whatever comes next, from career to advanced study.

Apply Now: Fall/Spring Apply Now: Summer

Required Application Materials

To apply to the program for fall, spring, or summer, students must submit the following materials:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Academic transcripts
  • Study statement (a brief introduction to your area of interest)
  • Two letters of professional recommendation (which could be professors, staff, or employers).

Application Deadlines

Fall Program

Spring Program

Summer Program

Application Deadline:
April 1
Application Deadline:
October 1
Application Deadline:
February 1
Decision Date:
Rolling Admission
Decision Deadline:
Rolling Admission
Decision Date:
Rolling Admission
Start Date¹: August 29
End Date¹: December 16
Start Date¹: January 17
End Date¹: May 5
Start Date¹: June 5
End Date¹: July 28

¹ Note that sometimes interns may work out slightly different starting and/or ending dates with their internship supervisor based on the needs of the student and/or organization.

Non-Brockport Students

For students from any of our affiliated campuses outside of Brockport, you will just enroll for the Washington Program courses through your home school, just like you would if you were staying on campus for the semester. Likewise, you will submit payment for the program through your home school as well, with the exception of the program differential, which gets paid directly to SUNY Brockport.

Acceptance to the Program

After applying, and assuming you meet the minimum requirements, you will be admitted into the program within a few days. Shortly thereafter, we will call you to discuss in greater details, your career goals and what you’re hoping to get out of this program so we have a better idea of what type of internships will be most appealing to you.

From that point forward and until you have accepted an internship somewhere, we will be sending you regular emails with suggested internships that we think you may like. It is then up to you to apply to the ones that interest you. We encourage you to apply to as many internship openings as you can, because many of them are competitive. Persistent applications will increase your odds of finding an internship.