Develop the skills needed to be successful at the college level. Student Success Workshops are open to all Brockport students.


Reading Comprehension

Students will learn specific strategies to use before reading, during reading, and after reading in order to maximize reading efficiency, comprehension, and retention. To make the most of the workshop, students should bring a textbook of their choice, a corresponding course syllabus, a pen, and a planner or calendar.

Lecture Note Taking

Students will learn a comprehensive lecture note-taking system that examines the relationship between writing and learning. Students will learn how to listen for organizational patterns during classes, review notes after classes, and turn each day’s notes into a study guide. Students should bring a pen a paper to this workshop.

Time Management

Students will learn how to set academic goals and use time management strategies to achieve them. Students learn how to schedule study time for each class, develop study action plans, and utilize campus resources, such as the librarians, to help make study time more efficient. Students should bring a pen and paper to this workshop.

Learning and the Brain

Students will learn some basics about learning and the accompanying physical changes that take place in the brain. They will leave with specific tips that they can employ which will help them learn in harmony with their brains.

Mindsets & Metacognition

Students will learn about Dr. Carol Dweck’s concept of Mindset and the benefits of adopting a Growth Mindset. Additionally, students will learn about metacognition and will take part in a metacognition exercise. Students should bring a recently graded exam with them.

Exam Prep

Students will learn how to efficiently and effectively prepare for tests and strategies to improve performance on both in-person and online tests. Students will also learn how to assess exam results and adapt study habits accordingly.

Online Learning Skills Resources

Students who are not able to attend workshops may utilize the resources on our Helpful Links page or at College Info Geek.

Please Note: If you are not able to attend a workshop and are required to do so for a class assignment or extra credit, please see an ASC Tutoring staff member. In order to get credit for attending, you will be asked to sign-in, view online study skills material for 25 minutes, and take notes.

Studying and Learning includes links to short videos and podcast episodes about improving study techniques, test taking, reading, learning in and out of the classroom, and more.

How to Study for Any Test or Exam (Even if You Feel Unmotivated) includes links to short videos on managing study time, studying math, test anxiety, multiple choice test-taking, learning and recovering from bad grades, concentration, and more.