The Emerging Scholars Program is for incoming first-year students that have shown they have great potential to succeed in college but didn’t meet some of Brockport’s admissions requirements based on grades and/or test scores. With our active engagement and support-based resource program, they are selected to succeed.

Regardless of how students got here, they are here, and we want to ensure they are successful throughout their time at Brockport!

“I knew about things way before everyone else knew about them and had time to get accustomed to college life and going around the campus. It helped me find out my resources and use them to my advantage.”

Emerging Scholar Perks/Requirements

Early Move-In and Bridge Program

First-Year Emerging Scholars will move in early to participate in a 4-day Bridge Program the week before classes begin.

The Emerging Scholars Bridge Program is a strengths building transitional opportunity with 3 main student success goals:

  • Start strong by building academic & personal skills
  • Meet people & get connected
  • Get to know campus and understand the resources

During the Bridge Program, students get comfortable with Brockport through immersion into campus and various workshops, including:

  • Recognizing and developing academic skills
  • Engagement with campus resources
  • Connecting with peers
  • Building community
  • Academic expectations
  • Understanding the student bill/financial aid
  • Success skills including time management, test anxiety, note taking, and more

First-Year Seminar Course: GEP 125

All first-year students must take a first-year seminar course focused on academic success and general college life. There are multiple versions of this course:

  • GEP 100: Regular admit students; one-credit, pass/fail
  • GEP 120: EOP students; three-credit, graded
  • GEP 125: Emerging Scholars, Fannie Barrier Williams Scholars, Exceptional Talent students; three-credit, graded (can boost your GPA!)

GEP 125 gives students a foundation for a successful college experience, providing information about SUNY Brockport and a structured setting for examining individual interests and skills, and relating them to each student’s academic program.

On top of the shared content all first-year students get, Emerging Scholars receive more time with their instructor/advisor, engage more deeply with the resources and their peers, and dive into any successes or concerns as a group. GEP 125 is all about using your personal experience to grow personally and academically, while hopefully boosting your overall GPA.

“[The Bridge Program] made me more comfortable with the campus and where all my resources are. Also, giving me a week on campus without classes was nice so I wasn’t stressing about classes as much.”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“[The Bridge Program] really helped me learn the campus. After living here for a week, I was able to recall where all my classes were. I also liked just being involved on campus earlier in general, I learned about a lot of the services there and I feel that I got a good head start when otherwise I would’ve been behind from the beginning.”.

For more information, reach out to Jianna Howard, the Emerging Scholars Program Coordinator at