Course Load

  • Instructors who taught online before may teach up to TWO courses during winter session.
  • Instructors teaching online for the first time may teach ONE course during winter session.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students may take a maximum of 6 credits during winter session.

Course Stipend

Base rate for a 3-credit course = $3,500 or $1,166.66/credit hour.

Minimum Enrollment for full stipend: Undergraduate =15 students, Graduate = 10 students

Over Enrollments

$50 per student, per credit hour: over 30 for undergraduate, (Max 40 students per class) and over 20 for graduate (Max 30 students per class). Enrollment is based on the number of students in class on the census date.


Maximum for a 3-credit course = Undergraduate - $1,500 for the over-enrollment stipend, not exceeding a total of $5,000 for the course. Graduate - $1,500 for the over-enrollment stipend, not exceeding a total of $5,000 for the course.

Under Enrolled Courses

If enrollments are below the “make” minimums (U/G) = 15/10, faculty may elect to teach at a pro-rated stipend

(i.e., undergraduate = (X [students] / 15) x $3,500; graduate = (X [students] / 10) x $3,500) for a 3-credit course.

If you agree to teach with a pro-rated stipend, your stipend will be based on your class enrollments on the census date.

Swing Courses

Each graduate enrollment counts as the equivalent of 1.5 undergraduate enrollments.

Independent Study/Directed Study

$50/credit, up to 15 credits.

Maximum = $750 for independent study/directed student stipends.

Special Instruction*

  • Base rate = $3,500 for minimum enrollments (U/G) = 15/10 per 3-credit hours/student.
  • Pro-rated if < minimum number of students and/or less than 3 credits.
  • Base rate remains the same even if student carries > 3 credits.

Final Grades are due by 5 pm, Wednesday, January 24, 2024

WinterSession ’24 payroll date: February 14, 2024

Unfortunately, we are unable to process requests for individual or customized payroll arrangements/dates.