Registrar’s Instructions

  • A spreadsheet with courses will be attached for you to make adjustments if courses were offered during WinterSession ’21 through your department.
  • If your department did not offer WinterSession ’21 courses, a blank spreadsheet will be attached for you to complete for WinterSession ’22.
  • If you are not scheduling WinterSession ’22 courses, please inform the Registrar’s Office by forwarding an email to and your associate dean.

  • For any change, highlight the cells in yellow that you changed.
  • Please update the start date and end date to indicate the session during which the course is offered.
  • When canceling a course simply type the word “Cancel” in the Dept Approval Column. DO NOT DELETE any course from the spreadsheet.
  • When adding a course, you do not need to do a blue form. Simply add the information beneath the courses already on your spreadsheet.
  • If you want to sort, group or reorganize any of the information on the spreadsheet, please make a copy of the original before doing this. We need edits made to the original spreadsheet and returned in the format that you received it in.
  • Course Notes can be added at the bottom of the spread sheet. List the course number in one field and then enter the course note into the next field.
  • Email your updated spreadsheet to your Associate Dean by Friday, Oct. 8. Any changes made after you have submitted your spreadsheet to your Associate Dean need to be done using the course adjustment form (blue forms) (Banner – Secure Documents)

Chairs/Directors schedule to School Associate Deans: Friday, October 8, 2021.

Associate Deans’ e-submission to the Registrar’s Office: Wednesday, October 13, 2021.