Payment for SummerSession should be received in the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting on or before the first day of any session you are attending.

SummerSession Tuition/Fee Chart

Failure to make acceptable payment arrangements, or failure to appropriately defer payment based on financial aid authorized by the University, prior to the first day of any session may result in the assessment of $30 per month administrative/late payment fee, the denial of diploma release, and/or future course enrollment privileges.

If you make a schedule adjustment or incur other charges after the initial billing period, you should verify your new account balance via Online Services. Fees associated with schedule adjustments made after the first day of class must be paid in a timely manner to avoid the assessment of a late payment fee. The student holds sole responsibility for ensuring payment of their account and complying with all payment deadlines/policies regardless of who remits payment. Questions regarding payment methods should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting at (585) 395-2473.

Paper bills are not produced or mailed.SUNY Brockport uses only electronic billing statements (eBills) to meet our students demand for a convenient, secure and confidential online billing and payment system. Electronic bills display more robust information than the traditional paper billing statements in an easy-to-read format. Electronic bills are the exclusive billing method for all SUNY Brockport student account balances. Students receive an official email notification via their Brockport student email address each time a new eBill is available. You are responsible for and must check your campus email account regularly.

Students may grant parents or others access to view their electronic bill by establishing them as “authorized users”. Only the student and those they authorize can access the student’s eBill billing statement. Parents (and other authorized users designated by the student) receive eBill notification via the users email address as listed by the student when s/he establishes the authorized users profile.

The University offers several payment methods to assist you. For your convenience, we recommend using the online web payment option to pay via electronic check or credit card. Please note that there is no charge for electronic payment options. Electronic checks may be accessed through your personal checking or savings account only. If you prefer to mail payment via personal or certified check, please make the check payable to SUNY Brockport and mail to:

Office of Student Accounts and Accounting
350 New Campus Drive
SUNY Brockport
Brockport, NY 14420

Always include your Brockport Banner ID number on any payment or other correspondence, as well as the term for which you are remitting payment. Visit The Office of Student Accounts and Accounting for a complete listing of payment options.

The University has made available many options for payment of the student bill. Payments are accepted via the following methods:

Option Location Method of Payment Taken
In-Person Office of Student Accounts & Accounting
Rakov Center, Second Floor
SUNY Brockport
Cash, Check (payable to SUNY Brockport), Money Order, VISA, Discover, Easy Money or MasterCard
By Mail Office of Student Accounts & Accounting
350 New Campus Drive
SUNY Brockport
Brockport, NY 14420-2938
Check (payable to SUNY Brockport) or Money Order
Internet Make an Online Payment VISA, Discover, MasterCard or e-check (ACH)