The following chart represents the per-credit costs for attending the SummerSession academic term at SUNY Brockport.

  • All charges, including tuition and fees, are subject to change without notice.
  • Some students are assessed higher tuition and/or fees based on their program or if they are enrolled in an online program.
Credits Undergraduate NYS Resident Undergraduate Out-of-State Resident Graduate NYS Resident Graduate Out-of-State Resident University Fee BSG Fee* SERC Fee** Health Fee Tech Fee***
1 $295.00 $708.00 $471.00 $963.00 $1.70 $15.00 $3.25 $15.00 $16.25
2 590.00 1,416.00 942.00 1,926.00 3.40 15.00 6.50 30.00 $32.50
3 885.00 2,124.00 1,413.00 2,889.00 5.10 15.00 9.75 45.00 48.75
4 1,180.00 2,832.00 1,884.00 3,852.00 6.80 15.00 13.00 60.00 65.00
5 1,475.00 3,540.00 2,355.00 4,815.00 8.50 15.00 16.25 75.00 81.25
6 1,770.00 4,248.00 2,826.00 5,778.00 10.20 15.00 19.50 90.00 97.50
7 2,065.00 4,956.00 3,297.00 6,741.00 11.90 15.00 22.75 105.00 113.75
8 2,360.00 5,664.00 3,768.00 7,704.00 13.60 15.00 26.00 120.00 130.00
9 2,655.00 6,372.00 4,239.00 8,667.00 15.30 15.00 29.25 135.00 146.25
10 2,950.00 7,080.00 4,710.00 9,630.00 17.00 15.00 32.50 150.00 162.50
11 3,245.00 7,788.00 5,181.00 10,593.00 18.70 15.00 35.75 165.00 178.75
12 3,535.00 8,490.00 5,655.00 11,550.00 25.00 15.00 39.00 180.00 195.00

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

*Brockport Student Government Fee
**Special Events Recreation Center Fee

***Technology Fee

Calculation of Tuition — Adding and Dropping Courses

Students will incur tuition liability for all courses registered for during tuition liability periods. Students adding and dropping courses during tuition liability periods will incur tuition for both the courses dropped and new courses added. Questions regarding tuition liability calculations should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting at (585) 395-2473.


Affirming Enrollment and Accepting Financial Responsibility

An enrolled student at SUNY Brockport is defined as one who has registered for courses and has accepted all associated charges. Review the University’s terms regarding Affirming Enrollment and Accepting Financial Responsibility as it affects registration and tuition refunds.


Canceling Enrollment and Declining Financial Responsibility

After completing your registration you may decide that you do not want to be registered and do not want to be financially responsible for the courses. In this case you must drop all courses before classes begin.

Class nonattendance does not excuse financial obligation. If you are registered for a class, you will be responsible for full payment of your course schedule whether or not you attend class(es).


Tuition Rates for Non-matriculated Graduate Students

Non-matriculated graduate students are charged tuition according to the level (undergraduate or graduate) of the courses which they are taking. However, at 12 credits, the minimum amount which may be charged, is the full-time undergraduate rate. Students taking 12 or more credits must be charged according to the combination of the undergraduate and graduate rates for the courses taken. The minimum charge would be the full time undergraduate rate and the maximum charge would be the full-time graduate rate.


Provisional teacher certification students pay according to matriculation status. Permanent teacher certification students pay the graduate student rate regardless of the level of the course(s) taken.


Tuition Waivers

Critic Teacher Waivers

Critic Teacher Waivers, also referred to as B-143 waivers, may be submitted for waiver of tuition for periods of enrollment beginning with the next academic term immediately following the semester in which the service/supervising was rendered. There is no limit to the number of critic-teacher waivers that a student may remit for each semester, but the amount of waivers submitted cannot exceed the total amount of tuition assessed on the student bill. Excess critic-teacher waiver funds will not be refunded to the student, but will be returned to the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to fund future critic-teacher waivers. These waivers are transferable to employees of the same school district and must be approved by the authorized chief administrative officer of the school district.


Supervisor of Social Work Waivers

Supervisor of social work waivers, also known as A-143 waivers, have an effective remittance date beginning with the academic period immediately following the academic period in which the service was rendered. Tuition charges may be waived up to a maximum of eight credits per term at Brockport. These waivers are not transferable.


UUP Waivers

The United University Professionals (UUP) union contract and SUNY guidelines stipulate usage of the UUP tuition waiver on a space-available basis. To ensure student access to courses at Brockport, individuals intending to use a UUP tuition waiver for payment must register for the class before the class begins. For questions, please contact the Office of Registration and Records at (585) 395-2531.