SummerSession ’23

Course schedule will be viewable March 15

Registration will begin March 27, 2023


SummerSession Registration

Our SummerSession program is tailored to accommodate diverse schedules, with more than 250 undergraduate and graduate courses from mid-May to early August. Students can accelerate their degree program, catch up on prerequisites, or complete general education requirements.

SummerSession registration is available to current and former students who have registered for a Brockport course within the past two years.

Schedule of Classes Register Now Checklist for Current Students

New or Non-Brockport Students

This includes students:

  • Registering as non-matriculated students to transfer credits to their home school
  • Who have not registered for a course at SUNY Brockport within the past two years or have just graduated from the University
  • Are not matriculated at SUNY Brockport and have not registered for a course at the University within the past two years.

New students need to complete the Undergraduate New Student Application or the Graduate New Student Application in order to register for SummerSession. Once the completed form has been submitted and processed, a student record will be created for you, which will allow you to register for SummerSession courses.

Checklist for New Students

SummerSession Calendar

Monday, March 27

Registration begins for all sessions.

Online registration begins a 8 am.

Sunday, April 30

Registrations that have not been affirmed online by students are removed. Students may re-register for their courses if space is available (late fees apply) by contacting the Office of Registration at

Session I
Monday, May 15 First Day of Session I
Friday, May 26 Last Day of Session I
Session II
Tuesday, May 30 First Day of Session II
Monday, June 19 Juneteenth Holiday Observed, University Closed
Friday, June 30 Last Day of Session II
Session III
Monday, July 3 First Day of Session III
Tuesday, July 4 Independence Day, University Closed
Friday, August 4 Last Day of Session III
Special Sessions
Dates Vary Special Sessions

Course Formats

The following online course formats are offered during SummerSession. The specific type of online format for a course can be found by clicking on the underlined Course Reference Number (CRN) on the online course schedule.

  • 100% Asynchronous (ASY) Courses: Our 100% online courses are taken/completed via asynchronous course activities such as online readings, problem solving, and discussions using Brightspace.
  • 100% Online, Combined (CMB) Courses: Our Online Combined courses are 100% online courses, and include a few mandatory synchronous (same time) meetings. Students need to be online in Brightspace (Live Chat — synchronous) throughout the term. There are no Face-to-Face requirements. The remaining course work will be completed via asynchronous course activities such as online readings, problem solving, and discussions using Brightspace. Many CMB courses require students to have a webcam for the specific synchronous Brightspace Collaborate meetings.
  • Synchronous (SYN) Real Time Online Courses: Students in this section join a face-to-face class via remote technology (e.g., Live Video chat, Brightspace Collaborate, or Zoom), and will be required to attend all class meetings and complete all assignments and course work. Students must have access to a computer with an Internet connection, a remote camera, and audio capacity to participate in this course.

Technology Support

Check your Brockport webmail frequently. For technical assistance, contact the SUNY Brockport Service Desk at (585) 395-5151 or request assistance from the IT Service Desk Portal.

Special Summer Sessions

In addition to the standard summer Sessions I, II and III, there are Special Sessions with non-standard class schedules that vary throughout the summer. For all courses, look closely at the meeting dates and times. Course notes with specific details can be found online by clicking on the underlined Course Reference Number (CRN) on the online course schedule.