Field Application & Guide

Social Work majors must complete SWO 451 and 453, Field Instruction I and II, and the accompanying seminar SWO 455 and 456 or SWO 454, Block Field Instruction with SWO 456, during their senior year in our program.

All 200 and 300 level courses must have been successfully completed prior to the start of field. Field seminar is an accompanying course to the field practicum. This application is completed as part of the Field Application Process.

Field Applications should be submitted via the online application by the due date. The coordinator of field education will begin field planning early in the spring semester.


  • Preparation of self for an agency-based professional social work educational experience that will reflect an integration of academic learning & life experience.
  • Completion of all field work paper work in a timely fashion
  • Complete all requirements for agency placement
  • Act in a responsible manner that reflects the image of the agency in the wider community
  • Adhere to the Social Work Code of Ethics
  • Assume an active role in planning the learning activities
  • Notify the field instructor and the faculty liaison in a timely manner of any issues in field practicum
  • Complete the Student Training Agreement

About the Practicum Requirement

The undergraduate Social Work Program requires a senior field practicum of 440 hours to complete the major. Under no circumstances will students negotiate their own field practicum placement.

Before entering the field practicum and field seminar courses, students must complete all 200 and 300 level courses required for the major; in addition, students must be in “good standing” as defined below:

  • Continued earning of a grade of “C” or better in every social work course required for the major.
  • Re-taking any social work course in which a grade of below “C” is received, if the course is a requirement for the major.
  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better overall and within the major.
  • Continued demonstration of suitability and capacity to enter the profession of social work.

Fall & Spring Semester Concurrent Field Practicum

Most students complete field practicum using our fall and spring semester concurrent model. Students complete 220 hours of field instruction at the assigned agency. Two days per week (16 hours per week) over two semesters for a total of 440 field instruction hours. A bi-weekly seminar in field seminar I & II is required. Students remain at the same agency for both semesters

Block (one semester) field practicum

Students may apply for consideration of a Block placement. Block placements are structured as a one semester field instruction and weekly seminar class. Students do the same level of work and assignments in one semester as completed by concurrent field students in two semesters. Field Instruction is four days per week (32 hours a week) for a total of 440 field instruction hours. To be considered for a Block placement two additional conditions are required to the list of pre-field practicum course and GPA requirements listed above:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.25 in social work and 3.00 overall GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation from social work faculty

Distal Block Field Placements

Distal field placements are structured as a spring semester block placement. Students must be eligible for a block placement to be considered for an international field placement. Location options vary from year to year but typically include Viet Nam, Washington, D.C., Alaska, and others as they are developed depending upon most recent legislation, availability of vetted quality field instruction supervision, and partner affiliation agreements. If you are interested in a distal field placement please indicate your interest on the field application and contact the Director of Field Education.

Availability During Normal Daytime Business Hours

Most field placements require availability during normal business hours of the agency. A limited number of field sites provide the opportunity for students to complete some hours during evening or weekend hours provided there is a qualified field instructor to provide supervision. However this is the exception and students should expect that field placements will require daytime responsibilities and should plan their availability accordingly.