The Undergraduate Social Work Program at SUNY Brockport offers students admission to full and part time students each fall.

The Social Work program limits its undergraduate admission to approximately 85 students each Fall. Full time students starting the major can complete the program in two years (four semesters). Part time students can complete the program within three years (six semesters). Please note, that all students, regardless of their full or part-time status, must complete the BS in social work degree within six years of matriculation.

The Process

For admission to the Social Work Program for the fall semester, a student must be a current SUNY Brockport student or an accepted/deposited transfer student. Transfer students must first apply and be accepted/deposited to the University. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to apply. Note: Acceptance to the University does not guarantee admission to the Social Work Program.


For questions about the undergraduate social work program please contact the departmental Secretary at (585) 395-2324