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Charles Wade ’06

Chuck Wade joined the Brighton Securities team in 2012 after an award-winning career in broadcasting with 13WHAM-TV. As a journalist, he learned the value of asking good questions and listening for answers which he believes is the only way to best serve his clients at Brighton Securities.

Chuck provides individuals, families and institutions with customized plans to accomplish life objectives through active management and communication. Chuck’s clients range in age from 2-92, and his primary focus is with clients looking to define, create, and achieve a retirement lifestyle that leads to happiness. From the 25 year old young professional who wants to start saving now, to the husband and wife who want to know when they can retire, Chuck’s clients can be confident in the income they’ll have available, and the best way to leave a legacy for their families.

Chuck enjoys being part of the Brighton Securities family. He values the ability to step outside his door and have a conversation with the CEO, Chairman and even his own brother, financial advisor Ethan Wade. Chuck and his wife Elizabeth live in Brighton with their two daughters, Charlotte and June.

Portrait of Ethan Wade

Ethan Wade ’11

Ethan Wade joined Brighton Securities as a Financial Advisor in 2013.

Ethan works closely with his clients to help them achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals. No two clients are the same and Ethan does not believe they should be put into cookie-cutter models, instead, he believes each client benefits most from their own customized retirement strategy. His communication style, which is free of industry jargon, instills confidence and peace of mind in his clients because they can easily understand the complexities of their personal finances.

Ethan lives in Penfield with his wife, Brenna, and their two boys, Griffin and Cooper. He also volunteers on the Board of Directors and is a member of the Finance/Audit Committee for the Arc of Monroe.