We provide School of Business and Management undergraduate students a unique and realistic learning experience through security evaluation and portfolio management within a discovery-oriented and supportive network.


Thanks to the support of the Wade Brothers, the Wade Investment Fund will provide students the opportunity to manage an investment portfolio.. As such, students will be responsible for evaluating securities, deciding when to buy and sell securities, and managing the portfolio among other responsibilities. This hands-on experience provides advanced training to students in the field of finance and allows them to manage a real-money portfolio of investments rather than running simulations with hypothetical funds. Training students to manage and administer a real-money investment portfolio is rare among business schools across the country and the experience gained has proved invaluable.

The Wade Investment Fund will provide enormous benefits to students because it gives them practice in applying the skills they have learned in their academic careers. In addition to improving quantitative and qualitative research skills, the Wade Investment Fund also advances career opportunities after graduation. The program provides students hands-on training in equity valuation and portfolio management with guidance from industry experts and supervision by faculty.


The fundraising goal to launch the Wade Investment Fund is $100,000 with a start date of fall semester 2022. Once this goal is met, we will continue to raise funds for this initiative so students can gain an enhanced experience – one that allows for investing in both equities and fixed income securities.

Make a one-time gift or an installment gift online with a credit card via our secure gift webpage. Make sure you designate the gift to the Wade Investment Fund. Or you may send a check payable to the Brockport Foundation to:

Division of Advancement
SUNY Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport NY 14420

*Please include in the memo section of your check Wade Investment Fund.

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The Fund

The Wade Investment Fund is to be managed as a diversified, actively managed, long-only fund run by student analysts and portfolio managers. The student teams will meet on a weekly basis in the fall and spring semesters to exchange ideas and work together to identify security positions whose profile is consistent with the fund’s investment objectives and are deemed to be undervalued by the team.

The structure and operations of the fund will be laid out in an Investment and Internal Controls Policy Statement. The fund will be held by the Brockport Foundation and follow guidelines for trading and positions provided by the Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee. A faculty advisor and an Oversight Board of University alumni and friends will provide guidance and support.

At the end of each semester, students will present the performance result, including a discussion of strategy and performance attribution, to the Oversight Board. This will be done at an event to which students, alumni and friends will be invited.

Every year, the Wade Investment Fund will publish an annual report for the community. Eventually, when a sufficient track record is established, the plan is to claim GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards)® compliance, making it one of the few (if not the only) student managed fund that is GIPS compliant.

The fund will start as an equity fund and once sufficient funding is obtained; the plan is to add fixed income securities. This will enable students to understand the value of tactical and strategic asset allocation.

The program provides students hands-on training in equity valuation and portfolio management with guidance from industry experts and supervision by faculty.

Students will receive three credits as part of the class over a two-semester sequence. They will start as analysts in the fall semester and upon satisfactory performance, will be promoted to portfolio managers in the spring semester. Entry to the class will be by the permission/selection of the faculty advisor. Registration will be through an already existing course entitled Seminar in Finance (BUS 428).

Deliverables, as part of the course requirements will be determined by the faculty advisor and may include:

  • Company research reports
  • Security pitches
  • Performance attribution reports
  • Sector report
  • Presentation to the Oversight Board

The School of Business and Management’s subscription to Bloomberg provides students the ability to integrate this learning opportunity with state-of-the-art portfolio management tools used by Wall Street managers. For example, once the portfolio is set up on Bloomberg, the attribution analysis is automatically generated by Bloomberg software.

Why Wade Investment Fund?

  • If, as a student, you seek to develop your financial acumen and want to join a network of colleagues to learn about securities valuations, asset allocation, and portfolio management, then apply to the Wade Investment Fund for an unequaled learning experience.
  • If, as an alum or supporter of the program, you want to support today’s students in their efforts to gain hands-on experience, improve their job prospects, and set them up for success, then support the Wade Investment Fund financially and/or let us know of your interest in being on the Oversight Board.
  • If, as a recruiter, you seek talented and ambitious students that can make an immediate impact on your operation and contribute to your company’s mission and culture, then drop by our class to discover your new hires.

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Thank You To Our Supporters

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and companies for supporting the Wade Investment Fund in The School of Business and Management. Your commitment and confidence affirm our position in the business and professional education marketplace.

Wade Brothers

  • Chuck Wade ’06,
    • Brighton Securities
    • Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor
  • Ethan Wade ’11,
    • Brighton Securities
    • Director of Training & Development, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Corporate Support


RBC Wealth Management
Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor
Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus


Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Senior Vice President
Senior Financial Advisor


Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
Assistant Vice President
Brockport Community Branch Manager


Advantage Federal Credit Union
President & CEO


Iconoclastic Capital
Chief Executive Officer


Iconoclastic Capital
Chief Investment Officer


Double Diamonds Financial Solutions

Individual Support

  • James Campbell ’65 and Virginia Campbell ’89/’96
  • Janie Hill ’85
  • Paul Purfield ’74
  • Karen Webber ’09.


The Wade Investment Fund provides an invaluable opportunity to deliver high-quality education to students in the School of Business and Management at SUNY Brockport. Invest in our students today and change their career path forever!

For more information, contact The School of Business and Management’s Dean’s office at businessdean@brockport.edu.

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