Advisement Process

All students within the School of Business are assigned to an advisor.

  • First-semester Freshmen are assigned to an APS (Academic Planning Seminar) advisor.
  • ALL other students (2nd-semester Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Transfer students) are assigned to a School of Business faculty advisor related to their program of study. The advisor’s name will then appear at the top of the student’s Degree Works degree audit.
  • Students will meet with their faculty advisor at least once a semester to discuss registration for the following semester and to receive an Advisement Key Number.
  • In the event a student cannot meet with their assigned faculty advisor, an advisor from the Center for Student Success can provide advisement.
  • Prior to the student’s advisement meeting, they are expected to review their degree audit for the purpose of determining remaining degree requirements, consult with the online course schedule and prepare a proposed schedule of classes for the following semester. Advisors assist students by reviewing the courses the students select and by answering questions about degree requirements, course sequencing, transfer course work, electives, careers, and graduate school. Advisors will not create a schedule for their advisees.

The advisor and advisee relationship can be a very beneficial experience, when approached correctly. As students learn to navigate their academic and career paths, advisors are available to discuss academic course planning, career options, study abroad and research projects. Faculty advisors assist students in academic planning, but students are ultimately responsible for knowing and meeting their degree requirements as specified in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog and on their degree audit.