Submission Information & Guidelines

Scholars Day is Monday, April 15, 2024

Undergraduate and graduate Brockport students in all academic fields, as well as faculty and staff, are invited to submit proposals to present their academic and creative work at Scholars Day held each year in early April.

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Brockport faculty are also encouraged to submit class groups/presentations or organized panels of student presenters in their discipline.


No late submissions will be accepted.

Eligible Student Research and Creative Projects

  • Produced by student(s) under faculty supervision or in collaboration with faculty
  • Associated with research, creative work, or applied/experiential learning
  • Based on methodologies in the discipline

Types of submitted proposals include:

  • Research project
  • Creative writing
  • Visual art
  • Music composition
  • Dance choreography
  • Theatrical script
  • Applied/experiential learning
  • Service learning project

Abstract Submission Information


New this year is an option to present a 5-minute “mini” presentation as part of Session I or II. Students who wish to do the short format presentation must check with their faculty advisor to ensure the short format is appropriate for their presentation.

Students and faculty are asked to consider grouping 5-minute presentations together, or consider doing a session of all 5-minute presentations to permit more students to present during the abbreviated conference this year.

Please have the following information available when submitting your research or creative activity:

  • Primary student NetID
  • Additional student authors NetIDs
  • Faculty Sponsor NetID and department
  • Presentation type: oral presentation; poster presentation; performance
  • Know your session block or length of time required
  • Presentation title, abstract (limit of 200 words)
  • Special requirements or requests

Abstract Guidelines

An abstract is a one-paragraph summary of your project. All abstracts should have prior approval by faculty sponsor.

Abstract should clearly and concisely:

  • Identify the central research question, objective, or thesis of the project
  • Summarize the methodology and/or findings of the research or creative work
  • State conclusions, significance, and/or current state of the project

Abstract Format:

  • Titles should be short and specific, and in mixed Upper and lower case letters
  • Abstract should be a limit of 200 words
  • Include plain text only - do not include tables, charts, pictures, foreign characters, or scientific symbols
  • The title and proposal will appear in the conference program exactly as inputted, so double check spelling, punctuation, and clarity of prose
  • Abstracts should be written at college level (e.g. spelling, grammar, clarity, etc.) since they will include names of student(s) and faculty sponsor

Presentations and posters will be IN PERSON as we have returned to a normal day-of event.

In the instance that student(s), whether individual or a group, are a part of a FULLY REMOTE online course, the students can submit their poster/presentation through our registration portal. This option is ONLY available to courses that are 100% online. All other submissions will not be accepted.