Scholars Day


Scholars Day is Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The 2023 event will mark Brockport’s 39th year of celebrating scholarship and artistry on our campus!


What is Scholars Day?

SUNY Brockport’s Scholars Day was instituted in 1984 through the efforts of the College Senate. Scholars Day has continued as a celebration of scholarly pursuits and creative activities by the campus community.

The annual signature campus-wide event which provides students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to present academic and creative work, continues to build on the firm foundation of our past. The event includes a Poster Palooza at SERC where nominated student poster presentations are judged by a panel of campus faculty and staff. Poster presentations from the event have the chance to be recognized in the Spectrum, our online journal which celebrates faculty-nominated and peer-reviewed student research.”

Scholars Day has several pursuits:

  • To publicize research
  • To share new concepts and ideas
  • To expand knowledge
  • To provide an opportunity to socialize with other members of the campus community outside of one’s own department or discipline

​2023 Scholars Day

This year’s 39th annual Scholars Day event will focus on the idea of sustainability. While it is not mandatory for all presentations to include concepts on this theme, we encourage all presenters, students, faculty, and staff to incorporate their perception of what sustainability means through the lens of their discipline and research. It is evident that the theme of sustainability will look different across departments, which supports the notion that not just one group of individuals can solve the major global crisis of living a more sustainable life. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity to present your unique relationship to this topic through the lens of your discipline and scholarly activity.

Note: All presentations and poster presentations do not have to incorporate this theme as we understand this might not be applicable for all, and we strongly encourage all presentations to be involved in this incredible event to showcase our campus community’s research and scholarly activity.

Scholars Day presentations begin at 9 am and continue until 5 pm on the main Brockport campus. Classes are suspended during this time so that the entire campus community can participate. There are two special evening sessions offered this year as well.