COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, some internship hour requirements were modified.


A quality internship can set you up for success in your field of study. This is why the Department of Recreation and Leisure makes it a requirement that our students participate in an internship before graduation.

REL 307

This three credit field experience is performed during a summer semester. Students majoring or minoring in Recreation and Leisure Studies are required to take this course.

REL 307 is designed to provide students with:

  • an early work experience so they can begin the process of using knowledge and skills learned in the classroom,
  • assistance with deciding what area of the recreation profession they wish to begin their career in,
  • practice in managing their professional time.


Students may perform this field experience at any recreation or parks agency (public, nonprofit, tourism). Students are eligible to register for this course after completion of both REL 302 and REL 308 as well as attendance at the mandatory orientation meeting held each spring semester by the REL 307 coordinator.

REL 403

REL 403 is a 15-credit course required by all students in the Recreation and Leisure Studies major. It is performed after ALL course work is completed. The goal of the internship is to provide a final preparation of the student for entry into their new profession in recreation, therapeutic recreation, or tourism.

Students have an extremely wide choice of internship sites. All sites are previously approved by the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies to ensure appropriate site supervision, educational content, and student security and safety.

Preparation for the REL 403 practicum is conducted through the PRO 401 course.