Established in 1984, Eta Sigma Gamma is the national professional health science honorary.

The organization is designed specifically for professionals in public health and health education anywhere in the United States as well as other nations. In tradition of Greek usage, the letters Eta, Sigma, Gamma were chosen to represent the Greek equivalent of the letters H,S,C, the abbreviation for the term health science.

The ideals of Eta Sigma Gamma are symbolized in its seal. The tri-dimensional concept is embodied in a triangle surrounded by three joined circles. The triangle is divided into four equilateral triangles, each carrying a symbol. The lamp of learning is in the center triangle, surrounded by an open book representing teaching, a microscope signifying research, and an outstretched hand representing service. These three elements form the basic purposes of the organization and the profession: teaching, research, and service. The unifying element in these purposes is symbolized by the lamp of learning, since it is through the learning process that each purpose is achieved. The primary purpose of Eta Sigma Gamma, from its beginnings in 1967, has been to further the professional competence and dedication of individual members of the health science profession.

Further purposes are to:

  • Elevate the standards, ideals and ethics of health science professionals.
  • Help identify the health science discipline for colleagues in the field of education, related health fields and for the general public.
  • Help establish autonomy for the health science discipline as a distinct, separate, integral part of school and college curricula in matters concerning the health of the public, and to encourage and attract capable people to careers in the discipline.

Membership for students with a Department of Public Health and Health Education major and a 2.7 GPA begins with initiation during the spring semester.