The mission of the Master of Public Administration Program is to prepare future community leaders and managers.

The following goals support this mission:

  • Department faculty members engage in research and public service to improve their capacity to support the mission of preparing students for future leadership and management.
  • Our MPA program provides our diverse student body opportunities for professional networking prior to and after graduation.
  • Through close student faculty interaction:
    • Our MPA students graduate with an understanding of core public service values including the public interest, accountability, efficiency, inclusiveness, responsiveness, and integrity.
    • Our MPA students graduate with an understanding of how to:
      • Lead and manage in diverse organizational contexts;
      • Participate and contribute to public policy in the student’s chosen emphasis;
      • Make informed decisions;
      • Articulate the public service concerns associated with the distribution of scarce resources; and
      • Communicate productively in settings characterized by diversity.