Interested in receiving real world experience in the field of psychology? Apply for PSH 498: Psychology Internship!

Students greatly benefit from internship experiences. For example, Gallup recently reported that University graduates (2002-2016) with relevant internships were more than twice as likely to acquire a good job immediately after graduation, and an internship cut the time it took to find a good job in half.

Our Psychology Internship course offers students practical experience in the field of psychology and includes a wide variety of placements where students can work with different populations, including children, adolescents, and adults. Students can use this opportunity to gain worthwhile real-world experience and to explore different career options within the field of psychology. The internship experience facilitates informed career decisions, and provides relevant experiences for employment after graduation as well as graduate school.

About our Internship:

Psychology Internship is a three credit course that can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the internship site. Students are required to complete at least 135 hours over the course of the semester.


  • Minimum Junior Status
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative and Psychology major)
  • Completion of PSH 110, PSH 202, and In-progress or Completion of PSH 301
  • Completion of three upper-division courses in Psychology at Brockport
  • Reliable transportation to the Internship site

How to Apply

Applications are due the semester before you wish to participate in the internship for credit. A completed application does not ensure approval or successful placement.

  • Spring Internships: Due September 15
  • Summer/Fall Internships: Due February 15

Students must apply for PSH 498 on Handshake. This application will require students to upload a resume and cover letter. Students will also need to provide two psychology faculty recommenders.

Apply Now

It is strongly recommended that you seek input from Career Services in Dailey Hall on your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should address your career interests, goals for the internship, and interest in particular populations (e.g., working with kids) as well as coursework and previous experience relevant to your internship. If you have interest in a specific internship site(s), please specify (optional). Please indicate in your letter if you have restrictions on internship sites due to transportation, as this could have implications for the choice of placements.

Students will also need to provide the names and emails of two full-time psychology faculty recommenders. You will need to ask Recommenders for their permission before providing their information. Choose faculty who know you well so that they can accurately describe your academic skills — and equally importantly — your maturity, professional skills, and demeanor.

Next Steps

If the student is selected, the Internship Coordinator will contact them for a small group meeting within two-four weeks of the application deadline. This meeting will help evaluate the student’s suitability for an internship, offer advice on professionalism and interviewing, and discuss placements for students.

The Internship Coordinator will often facilitate contact between the student and the internship site unless the student wishes to pursue their own internship opportunity. The site may request a phone, virtual, or face to face interview where students can discuss their interests and goals for the internship. The organization makes the final determination if the student is selected (please register for a back-up course during major reservation in the event that an internship does not work out).

If the student is accepted by the site, the Internship Coordinator will work with the student to register for PSH 498: Psychology Internship, a three credit course which requires a minimum of 135 hours over the semester. Next, the Internship Coordinator, student, and site supervisor work together to complete a learning agreement prior to the start of the internship to clearly define intern duties. Students may need to complete additional internship site procedures (e.g., background check and finger printing, vaccinations, trainings, etc.).

Note: If you do not meet the necessary prerequisites or do not get accepted into the internship course for credit, you may still volunteer to gain professional experience. If you wish to volunteer, you do not need to go through this application process. Be sure to present yourself to the site as a volunteer and not a psychology internship student.

Student Testimonials

Throughout this internship I learned just as much about how to conduct myself as a professional and act in a career as I did about the internship site itself. It was one of the smartest and most beneficial choices I have made in my academic and, hopefully, professional life. Courtney Jensen ’19, Children’s Institute
The highlight of my experience has been being able to use the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned in college and apply them to a real world, practical, setting. I have definitely gained a lot of confidence in my abilities and gotten a taste of what a career in this field would be like. It has opened my eyes to a population of people that will benefit from the skills that I have to offer. Alyx Hullfish ’18, Epilepsy-PRALID Inc.
Prior to my internship, my career outlook was completely different. If I had not taken part in my internship, I would be spending money on a graduate program that wasn’t right for me. The hands-on experience in the “real world” is so important and necessary for students long-term career decisions. In addition, I obtained real experience in the field I would like to go into, which helped me to build my resume and get accepted into my graduate program of choice.. Hanna Thomson ’19, East House


For any questions you may have, please contact the Psychology Internship Coordinator, Laurel McNall through email or phone at (585) 395-2904.

For more information on international internships, please visit the Center for Global Education and Engagement in Dailey Hall.

For help with your resume and cover letter, please visit Career Services in Dailey Hall.

Note: State University of New York (SUNY) policy prohibits SUNY Brockport admission applications from inquiring into an applicant’s prior criminal history. After acceptance, if such individual seeks campus housing or participation in clinical or field experiences, internships or study abroad programs, the University shall inquire if the student has previously been convicted of a felony . The information required to be disclosed under SUNY policy regarding such felony convictions shall be reviewed by a standing campus committee consistent with the legal standards articulated in New York State Corrections Law. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the dean’s office of their intended academic program.