The Professional Education Unit (PEU) at SUNY Brockport maintains an Advisory Board to support our continuous improvement efforts. The Advisory Board is typically made up of internal stakeholders, including faculty, staff, administrators, and students, and external stakeholders, including teachers, school counselors, principals, superintendents, and other partners. The Advisory Board meets twice per year, where they are provided with an update on PEU developments and assessment results, and are asked to provide their input on how the PEU can improve its programs. Then the PEU presents the Advisory Board feedback to all faculty of the PEU at an annual meeting, to ensure feedback is considered and implemented. 


During the 2021 and 2022 meetings, the PEU Advisory Board provided feedback on teacher shortage areas, the mentoring of new teachers, professional development areas that are helpful for new teachers, dispositional concerns of new teachers, ideas to enhance family engagement skills of new teachers, and helped to judge the quality of Brockport’s field experience and student teaching evaluation instruments. Their suggestions have been presented to the PEU, and are in the process of being considered and implemented.

Provisions of the Advisory Board

The structure of the Council shall include the following provisions:

The Professional Education Unit Advisory Board shall consist of representative members of professional education from school districts and other professional education institutions

  • The Professional Education Unit Advisory Board members shall meet twice during each academic year.
  • The Professional Education Unit Advisory Board members will be nominated by the Professional Education Council and then appointed by the Head of the Unit.
  • The Professional Education Unit Advisory Board will submit the minutes of each meeting to the Head of the Unit and the Professional Education Council.

The members of the Professional Education Unit Advisory Board could include the following categories of individuals

  • Employers (who are experienced and have earned tenure in their positions) including Superintendents of schools, Central Office Administrators, Building Principals and Physical Education Directors
  • Practitioners (who have significant years of experience and have earned tenure in their positions) including teachers and school counselors
  • Alumni
  • Professor from a doctoral institution
  • Professor from another higher education institution
  • Representative from NYSUT
  • Current students (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Recording secretary

The persons selected for the Advisory Board shall be

  • Distinguished individuals in education who have demonstrated success within their field
  • Currently active in their prominent positions in education
  • Distinguished individuals with vision

To provide input to the Professional Education Unit and its on-going strategic planning process, the functions of the Advisory Board shall include the following:

  • Review and provide objective assessment and make recommendations about the future direction of curriculum, instruction, candidate and Unit assessment, and other aspects of Unit operations
  • Help promote good relationships with the Professional Education Unit’s external community, including positively promoting the Unit’s Programs
  • Provide an external perspective including practitioner, employer, and education faculty
  • Provide an alumni perspective and a student perspective
  • Keep the Professional Education Unit apprised of trends and needs in P-12 education.