Professional Education Unit (PEU)

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Certification Office

We offer a range of New York State Certification programs. The Certification Office can help you understand the various requirements related to certification. 
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Field Experience

Field Experience is a core part of earning your certification. We offer opportunities around the world where you can gain real world experience. 
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Assessment & Accreditation

The Professional Education Unit is accredited by The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). 

About Us

The PEU is the academic unit on campus devoted to the preparation of education professionals. We are responsible for coordinating all programs that offer initial and advanced preparation of teachers and other school professionals on campus.

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Tk20 is a software tool used at the University to assist in assessment and accountability, helping the University meet requirements for accreditation. Our students use the system for course assignments and logging hours for their field experience/internships.

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Our Programs

Brockport offers dozens of accredited educator preparation programs across multiple academic departments. View all of our accredited educator preparation programs reviewed by CAEP.