Private Lessons

One-on-one music lessons are an important part of a student’s musical growth. Studying with world-renowned teachers with degrees from recognized music schools ensures that every student at BCCMI receives the best possible education on their own specific instrument. Individual lessons help a student progress at their own rate and allow a teacher to pinpoint specific problem areas that may be unique to that instrument.

For students that already play an instrument in school, private lessons enhance the student’s experience by enabling them to perform at a higher level, which in turn boosts the overall success of the school group. BCCMI encourages and supports participation in local school ensembles first and foremost.

Private lessons may begin at any age, depending on the development of the child and discretion of the teacher. No previous experience is necessary, but the student is responsible for obtaining an instrument. In the case of piano, an acoustic is highly recommended; if an electric keyboard is to be purchased, it must have 88 keys and it should have “weighted keys.” If you have questions regarding the keyboard or renting an instrument, please speak with the teacher you are assigned to.

We offer lessons in:


  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone (alto, tenor and baritone, classical or jazz)


  • French Horn
  • Trumpet (classical or jazz)
  • Trombone (classical or jazz)
  • Euphonium (sometimes called ‘Baritone’)
  • Tuba


  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • String Bass (classical or jazz)
  • Acoustic Guitar (classical or jazz)
  • Electric Guitar (jazz)
  • Harp



  • Drum Set (jazz)
  • General Percussion (includes timpani and keyboard percussion)


Any instrument can improvise; it is not restricted to just the instruments with the word “jazz” included. If you would like lessons strictly in improvisation, please speak with our director, Dr. Fuller.

Lesson Fees

The fee for private lessons is as follows in the table below. Students enroll for a 10 week session of weekly lessons and payment is due at the beginning of each session. Prorating is available for students beginning mid session. The dates for each 10 week session may be found on the Registration page. Following the Fall and Spring sessions, a 3 week add-on is available to fill out December and June if so desired. Please see Policies and Billing/Payments for more details and information on missed lessons/refunds.

Duration Cost Per Lesson 10 Week Session 3 Week Add-on
30 minutes $26.50 $265 $79.50
45 minutes $38 $380 $114
60 minutes $48.50 $485 $145.50

Early Childhood Classes (Birth to age 6)

Early childhood (EC) classes are a great way to introduce children to the wonders and joys of playing music. Students in all classes will engage in both musical and social/behavioral concepts tailored to fit their age and ability. Musical concepts include: beat keeping, pitch matching, rhythm playing and reading, identifying patterns such as rhyming, same vs. different, high vs. low, fast vs. slow.

Classes are taught by Linda Davis and will run for 40 minutes. Two different classes will be offered in 5 week sessions on Saturday mornings. The first, “Mommy, Daddy and Me” is for birth to 5 years of age, the second “Ready to Explore” is for ages 4 to 6. Family participation is encouraged, and a family rate is available for multiple children taking either of the classes. The tuition will cover 5 weeks of classes, and since each session has a different theme, families are encouraged to re-enroll for multiple sessions throughout the year. Visit the Registration page to fill out a form and submit it to BCCMI to enroll in classes! Please be sure to indicate which session(s) you are interested in by including dates.

EC Session 1: September 15 - October 13

EC Session 2: October 20 - November 17


Class is geared for families with young children who want to expose their little ones to the joy of learning through music. In class we will engage in creative movement, dramatic play, sensory activities, and learning basic skills such as rhyming, letters, numbers, counting, days of the week, and taking turns all through the power of music. This is an interactive class where the parents stay and participate with their children so that they can take what they learn and have fun at home playing, singing, and learning together.


Class is geared for children who love music but aren’t quite ready for the rigor and responsibility of private lessons. In this class the children will learn the conceptual foundations of how to read and play music accurately through fun games and activities. In this class parents do not actively participate but are welcome to stay so that they can reinforce the concepts and activities learned in class at home.


1st Child - $60

2nd Child - $50

3+ Children - $150

Example 1: Family enrolls one child in “Mommy, Daddy and Me” and one child in “Ready to Explore” - total fee is $110 for entire 5 week session.

Example 2: Family enrolls 3 children in “Mommy, Daddy and Me” and one child in “Ready to Explore” - total fee is $150 for entire 5 week session.


Music is just more fun together! Playing in an ensemble has many benefits both academically and socially for the musical growth of a student. Since this is our first year, we are beginning small but have plans to grow our ensemble offerings. Please email our director if you would like to inquire about any sort of musical ensemble not listed below.

  • Chorus
  • Beginning Band (for ages 7-17, no experience required)
  • String Orchestra (for grades 6-12)

Days and rates coming soon!