The Department of Modern Languages offers a BA in French and Spanish and minors in French and Spanish. For students interested in teaching in bilingual classrooms (Spanish/English), the Department offers an Interdisciplinary Major in Bilingual and Multicultural Studies.

Our mission is to provide students with a well-rounded liberal arts background that exposes them to the major disciplines. We also ensure that our students gain competency in their target language and familiarity with its literature, history, and culture.

Offered Languages


  • Spanish


  • Spanish

Language Certificate

  • Spanish

For more information on the Language Certificate

Other Languages Offered

Unless there is exceptional demand, the following languages are offered only through the beginning level (111).

  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Japanese

A series of culture courses in English (FCE) satisfies several college-wide General Education requirements.

NOTE: Certain majors and degree programs require more than two semesters of a foreign language. Delta College’s Foreign Language requirement also differs from the University’s. See requirements in the appropriate section of the undergraduate catalog.

Waiver Information


  1. Students can take any 3-credit class at Brockport which carries the Foreign Language Code (R). Students with no previous language instruction are to take an introductory class which carries the number 111. Students with previous experience should contact the department chair (Skye Paine for placement.
  2. Students can waive the language requirement before arriving at Brockport through Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Transfer Credits. This is determined by Academic Admissions.
  3. If a student already speaks a language other than English, it does not automatically satisfy the General Education World Language Requirement. There must be documentation such as:
    1. High-School transcript or diploma which shows evidence that instruction was in a language other than English.
    2. An official seal of Biliteracy given by a New York State high school
    3. An International Baccalaureate diploma
    4. Documentation of refugee status
    5. Evidence of taking classes in “English as a Second Language” (ESL)
    6. For students whose second language is English, evidence of taking a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.
  4. Students can waive the language requirement by taking the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and providing evidence of a score of “Novice High” in any of the available languages. The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures (MLC) does NOT administer this exam, and SUNY Brockport does not receive any payment from the fees associated with the interview. Students must contact ACTFL directly. See the following website for more information:
  5. Students may also satisfy the language requirement by taking “Credit by Examination.” Departmental examinations require a $295 fee, payable to the Bursar before the examination is taken. Please see website above for more information.