We believe significant learning must take place outside of the classroom.

We have many events and trips that take the learning of other languages and cultures away from the classroom. Although there are many one-off events that are put on by our club, the Department holds a handful of annual events, including an Experiential Learning Field Trip, that are held throughout the year.

Language Tables

Faculty and students sitting at a table in Drake Memorial Library

We offer the opportunity to practice language in a casual atmosphere with our weekly language tables. We have offer one in both French and Spanish. We encourage students of all levels of proficiency to participate.

Town Hall

Each Fall semester we welcome all students with our yearly Town Hall meeting. At the meeting we give an overview of the state of the Department of Modern Languages and Culture and of the events for the upcoming year. In addition, we inform all newcomers of the various requirements and departmental regulations.

Day of the Dead/All Saints Day

For most of the world, the time around the end of October and the beginning of November is not about Jack o’ Lanterns or candy. Rather, it is a time where most of the Hispanosphere celebrate el Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and where the Francophone celebrate Le Toussaint (All Saints Day). We honor both traditions with student led presentations, authentic food, and faculty instruction.

Cinco De Mayo

We end the year with a rousing department wide party for Cinco de Mayo. Most people do not know that the real reason for the holiday is a celebration of battle that Mexico won against the French, perfectly fitting the two most prominent languages of our department. We have a humorous skit in which the students must represent either the heroic Mexican rebels, or the dastardly French imperialist. There is also assortment of food from around the world including a full french Cheese plate and authentic Mexican tamales.