Educate Yourself

Army ROTC offers a variety of scholarships to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students in different academic situations to qualify to receive a scholarship. Usually students will only qualify to receive one of the scholarships listed below, additionally you can only receive a single scholarship.

Each of the scholarships listed below has a unique set of criteria for you to be eligible to receive its benefits. Please carefully read each of the criteria, then select a scholarship listed below to view its contracting requirements.

4 Year National Scholarship

  • Open to High School Juniors and Seniors* (Opportunity to apply closes to High School Seniors in the fall of your Senior Year)

4 Year On Campus Scholarships

  • Open to incoming Freshman

3 and 2 Year On Campus Scholarships

  • Open to any current Brockport, GCC*, MCC*, or Roberts Wesleyan College Sophomores or Juniors respectively (*needs to be able to transfer into Brockport by Junior Year)

Nursing Scholarship

  • Open to Cadets at Brockport who declared their major in Nursing Intent and students at MCC and GCC obtaining a Diploma in Nursing

Guarenteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship; 4, 3, and 2 Year

  • Open to current Brockport, MCC*, or GCC* Sophomores or Juniors (needs to be able to transfer into Brockport by Junior Year)
  • Open to SMP Cadets, National Guard Soldiers or Reservists

Green To Gold Option

  • Open to Active Duty soldiers only
  • Need to pass review board
  • Need BN CDR (O-5 or higher) approval
  • Need to submit a Green to Gold Packet

Captain Robert Bager Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to a contracted cadet in the Brockport ROTC program who intends to achieve a commission in the United States Army