Group of Brockport Cadets at the Ranger challenge

Joining the Team

The Ranger Challenge team is made up of the top cadets in the program. This team provides Cadets with an opportunity for some exciting and challenging training. Ranger Challenge is viewed as the Varsity Sport of ROTC. Annually, more than 300 universities nationwide, field teams to compete in a series of challenging events.

The Ranger Challenge is not for the weak minded or faint at heart. Training lasts for about nine weeks, with little time for rest. Monday through Saturday as early as 5:30 am, Cadets begin their training. Many try out, but few make the team. Only the top 12 Cadets make the cut and compete in the coveted Ranger Challenge.


Training for this event includes rigorous physical fitness workouts, information classes on various elements of light infantry tactics, and a weekend Field Training Exercise where rifle marksmanship, rope bridging, land navigation, and other skills are practiced. Events at each year’s competition continually change to keep programs on their feet to ensure they are training the Cadets to the best at everything.


All Cadets are eligible to try out for the team. Being a part of the Ranger Challenge team takes desire, commitment and as the name implies, the willingness to go further then you ever thought you could go.