Educate Yourself

Army ROTC offers a variety of scholarships and non-scholarship options to provide an opportunity for graduate students in different academic situations to qualify to receive a scholarship. Usually students will only qualify to receive one of the scholarships listed below, additionally you can only receive a single scholarship.

However, these options may involve attendance in Army ROTC Basic Camp or Basic Training so graduate students are academically aligned for commissioning.

Each of the scholarships listed below has a unique set of criteria for you to be eligible to receive its benefits. Please carefully read each of the criteria, then select a scholarship listed below to view its contracting requirements.


3 and 2 Year On Campus Scholarships

  • Open to any current Brockport, GCC*, MCC*, or Roberts Wesleyan College Sophomores or Juniors respectively (*needs to be able to transfer into Brockport by Junior Year)

Nursing Scholarship

  • Open to Cadets at Brockport who declared their major in Nursing Intent and students at MCC and GCC obtaining a Diploma in Nursing

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship; 3, and 2 Year

  • Open to current Brockport, MCC*, or GCC* Sophomores or Juniors (needs to be able to transfer into Brockport by Junior Year)
  • Open to SMP Cadets, National Guard Soldiers or Reservists

Green To Gold Option

  • Open to Active Duty soldiers only
  • Need to pass review board
  • Need BN CDR (O-5 or higher) approval
  • Need to submit a Green to Gold Packet

Captain Robert Bager Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to a contracted cadet in the Brockport ROTC program who intends to achieve a commission in the United States Army

Financial Incentives

For veterans and members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserves

Non-scholarship Opportunities 

  • Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
  • Non Basic Training SMP

Other Resources

New York National Guard Education Services