Three Brockport cadets holding a flag while other cadets look on

What is the Color Guard?

In the United States Military, the Color refers to a detachment of soldiers assigned to the protection of the colors of United States or Regiment.The unit is typically comprised of a Color sergeant who carries the flag, one unit or command color bearer, and two color escorts. The unit’s sergeant major is responsible for safeguarding, care, and display of the flag. Being part of the color guard is an honor as they are responsible for protecting the symbol of their unit and country.

If you have ever been to a sporting event such as a SUNY Brockport football game, then you’ve probably seen the ROTC Color Guard. Our Color Guard is a group of four to six Cadets, who present the American and Battalion flag during the National Anthem of football games and at the start of any formal events on campus. The Color Guard is on call rain, shine or the dead of winter; in honor of the American flag.