Program Director

Magaly Rosario

With overall responsibility for implementing the program, the director must demonstrate fiscal accountability, ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, ensure appropriate service to each migrant student, supervise and provide professional development of staff, engage on the state level with other Migrant Directors, and perform other duties pertinent to fulfilling the role of the Director.

Adolescent Outreach Youth Program Facilitator

Pat Caprio

Implements educational activities focusing on career planning for adolescents, provides tutorial support for adolescents, and works in conjunction with the Program Director.

Migrant Educators

Migrant Educators provide tutorial services and advocacy to migrant students and their families. Through regular home visits, they provide a connection between school with home. During home visits they provide information to parents, home tutor students, and develop relationships — all of which helps to access needs. They engage in field trips and other events by transporting students and supervising children’s activities.

Maria S. Rivera

  • Brockport
  • Holley
  • Hilton
  • Kendall

Araceli Rodriguez

  • Albion Elementary
  • Royalton Hartland
  • Lyndonville

Gloribell Figueroa

  • Medina
  • Spencerport
  • Rochester

Ashley Brigham

  • Barker
  • Newfane

Pat Caprio

  • Albion Middle & High Schools

Open Position

  • Niagara County

Outreach Workers

Hercilia Cassell, Ashley Brigham, JenLynn Gobeyn & Pat Caprio

Outreach workers locate eligible migrant students and offer assistance with their educational needs.

Data Specialist

Heather Rowley

Responsible, along with the director, for data collection. Solely responsible for on-going demands for data in-put, filing supportive paperwork, extensive training in the MIS system, and providing timely and accurate reports. Also performs clerical functions in support of program staff.

Administrative Assistant

Linda Sweeney

Responsible for payroll, purchasing. inventory control, and some clerical support. Works in conjunction with the director in a number of ways to assist in the implementation of the goals of the program.