Tutorial Services & Advocacy Support

Services are available to school age students during the academic year and the summer. Tutors supplement and support, but do not replace ESL services provided by the district.

Adolescent Outreach Program

Offers educational career information while exploring activities for students to help motivate them to finish high school and go beyond. Workshops with the students have incorporated topics like art and identity, high school orientation, a service opportunity, etc.

Parenting Meetings

The meetings provide an opportunity for parents to learn and develop skills needed when advocating for their children. Information such as: financial aid for college bound students, using interpreters effectively, helping your child resist bullying, and holding a math carnival focusing on using math skills in an enjoyable gathering. At each parent meeting the children can choose books to keep and read.

English as a Second Language

Classes are offered for young adults who are limited in English. These classes can be held on-site, in-home, or in other public spaces, during daytime or evening hours.

Outreach for Out-of-School Youth

Services are offered year round to the young farm workers who are not attending school in an effort to help reconnect them to educational programming.

Summer School

Available for students in grades 1 – 8 for four weeks during July and August. Each day is a full day of academics focusing on reading, math, art, physical education, computer skills, etc. Field trips are incorporated into the schedule for enrichment purposes.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities as field trips and college visitations are available to interested students. A career retreat during the summer gives young people a chance to learn about themselves and their potential for a successful life.

Parent Advisory Council

The Council meets regularly to make recommendations to the staff regarding planning and operating the program.

Pre-school tutoring

Tutoring is available for children not enrolled in other pre-school programs and through supplemental support at the ABCD centers during the summer months.

Awards Ceremony

Every year a ceremony is held to commemorate a variety of educational achievements and honor graduating seniors.


Referrals to food pantries, clothing shelves, Migrant Head Start, BOCES, etc. are available to all families with whom we work.