Choose Your Track

Traditional Mathematics

Love pi(e)? Most do, but not like you. Create a solid foundation of mathematics to set you up for any career in the field.

Actuarial Mathematics

Crunch the numbers others are too scared to look at. Actuaries specialize in risk management, calculating the uncertainty behind each decision a business or client makes.


Slam dunk or go for three? Buy or sell Gamestop? Statistics drive decision-making in all facets of life – from sports to Wall Street.

Bachelor’s + Master’s in Five Years

Gain a foundation in mathematics theory and application. Our mathematics combined degree program offers a chance to receive a discount on your education while taking graduate and undergraduate courses simultaneously.

Earn While You Learn

Secure a job on-campus as a math tutor, an area constantly in high demand. Win one of the many math competitions held at Brockport or travel with your fellow majors to a nearby campus to compete. Math majors also qualify for an NSF scholarship, tailored for low-income students who demonstrate high academic prowess in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).