Student Teacher Orientation

Each semester, a mandatory orientation meeting will be held for all prospective student teacher applicants. In preparation for the orientation, please become acquainted with the Tk20 student teaching online application by following the steps below. You do not need to complete an application prior to orientation. All procedures and applications in their entirety will be discussed at the application orientation. It would be helpful for you to print out the application and bring with you to the orientation in order to take notes as it is being reviewed; hard copies will not be provided.

PETE Student Teaching Application

  1. Go to the Tk20 website:
  2. Enter your username and password (use your Blackboard credentials).
  3. Click the Applications tab on the left column.
  4. Select Create New Application at top of the screen.
  5. Select PE Student Teaching Application (for the semester you are planning to student teach) from the drop-down box.
  6. Complete all applicable fields on the application.

After filling out the application, you can either

  • Save — You are permitted to return to the application to complete and submit at a
    later date.


  • Submit — The application will be sent directly to reviewers and changes cannot be

Please Note: Once your application is submitted, information provided cannot be changed, and
only viewed. In order to view an application after it has been submitted, please follow these steps:

For Further Information Regarding Student Teaching

Please contact the PETE Student Teaching Coordinator, Dr. Sheri Treadwell, at, (585)395-2374.