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three kids bowling in a gymnasium

Physical Education/Teacher Education (BS)

Gain the skills to become an excellent physical education teacher. Our curriculum will equip you with the prerequisites for pursuing both teaching and coaching New York State certification.

Student gym teacher talking to two children in their gym class

Physical Education/Teacher Education (MSEd)

Our 100% percent online program gives you the tools to read, understand, critique, and conduct research in physical education.

Student gym teachers helping a child in a wheelchair shoot a basketball

Adapted Physical Education

Our concentration in adapted physical education prepares the student to work with children in any setting.

Child hitting a ball with a plastic baseball bat in a gymnasium

Field Experience

Our teacher candidates gain experience both in and outside the classroom. Our students must partake in five separate field experiences that prepare them for a career in the field.

Gym teacher going through a stretching exercise with a class

Student Teaching

The Student Teaching experience is designed as a field-based practice for the purpose of demonstrating competencies necessary for successful teaching in Pre K—12 Physical Education.