Past Student Internship Slideshow

Our students have a plethora of options for their internship experience


Our internship course requires students to partake in a 14 week (40-60 hours per week) off-campus internship. Our department has connections with internships locally, nationally, and all across the world. Students work with their advisor to find an appropriate internship that reflects their career aspirations. If a student has an internship site in mind that is not already approved by the department, they may be able to work with their advisor to follow the necessary steps for approval. Internships may be completed during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.

Exit Interview

All of our students partake in an exit interview a semester before their internship experience. We encourage our students to consider internships that continually reach the University’s standards and have been recommended by our past students. Following the exit interview students will begin their internship.

Past & Current Internships

Internship experiences have included a wide variety of sites. These sites include, but are not limited to:

  • Major league professional sports teams
  • Minor league sports teams
  • Professional sports’ headquarters
  • Sport facilities
  • College and university athletic departments
  • Junior college athletic departments
  • High school athletic departments
  • Recreation departments
  • Corporate fitness facilities
  • College and university recreation centers
  • Resort and theme parks
  • YMCAs
  • National TV organizations
  • Golf and tennis resorts, and golf courses
  • Health, wellness and fitness organizations
  • Sports firms and sporting goods corporations
  • Sports marketing firms
  • Specialized sporting sites such as bowling alleys and ski resorts
  • Motor speedway organizations
  • Sporting goods firms
  • Race tracks

Intern while Studying Abroad

Our department encourages students to study abroad while they complete their internship. This not only fleshes out your resume, it opens you up to experiences you never imagined you could have. Working in the field of sport management in other countries is an experience that will put you above your competitors while searching for a job after graduation.

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