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Students taking part in a classroom discussion

Sport Management Major (BS)

Founded in 1972, our Sport Management program at the University is the second-oldest of its kind in the country. In 2017, our program was nationally ranked at 14th. Two of the most prominent leaders in the field teach full-time at Brockport.

Alumni at the Green Bay Packers facility with their multiple Lombardi Trophies

Experiential Learning

Our program encourages our students to engage in learning outside of the classroom. We require our students to partake in three, 60 hour practicums that can take place either on or off campus. Students then participate in a 40-60 hour per week, off campus, semester long internship that is a culmination of their learning throughout the program.

Professor talking and laughing with students in class

Flexible Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically tailored to be flexible for our students career goals. All of our students must have a minor and are encouraged to double major so they can broaden their level of expertise for entering the workforce.

Person in Ireland sitting at the peak of a mountain with their legs hanging off the ledge

Study Abroad

Studying Abroad is another option for students to pursue during their study. Our program encourages students to study abroad through a joint program that allows our students to earn valuable Sport Management credits while study abroad in other countries.