Study Abroad

Kinesiology students enjoy a wide range of international opportunities including short term (3-6 weeks) or full semester programs. Of particular interest to students have been the full semester outdoor education program at the University of Stavenger, Norway and short term sport and adventure based programs in the Dominican Republic, western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Students also have the option of developing their practicum experience around a study abroad trip. Students interested in learning more about kinesiology related study abroad programs should contact Dr. Pamela Haibach-Beach. For general information visit our study abroad website.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

There are two options for students to partake in a COIL program/lecture at the University.

  • A semester long co-teaching course with a COIL faculty member at the University and another COIL professor from somewhere else in the world.
  • A one-off co-teaching lesson with a COIL professor from the University and another COIL professor from somewhere else in the world.

A COIL class is one in which the class collaborates with an international class through lesson plans and projects. Three faculty in the kinesiology program have been trained to teach COIL classes. These experiences enable students to ‘travel’ to other countries while staying in their classroom.

Our Students are paired with students from an international institution and learn about each other’s cultures while completing collaborative projects. Recently kinesiology students have participated in COIL experiences with the Netherlands and Lebanon.