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Student teacher tossing a football to a student

Kinesiology Major (BS)

Study the aspects of human movement, from philosophy to physiology and more. Learn how physical activity relates to health, wellness, and quality of life with our major in kinesiology. Interested in earning your bachelor’s and a Master’s in Athletic Training in five years? Consider our accelerated degree program.

Children bowling in gym class while a student teacher looks on

Experiential Learning

Our students have the option of completing an internship (PES 480) or a research experience (PES 479), for their culminating experience of the major. Find out more information about your options and find the best fit for you.

Study Abroad/COIL

While we encourage all of our students to take the opportunity to study abroad, we know it is not possible for everybody. COIL offers students the chance to experience learning through other cultures at no cost to our students.