Student on an exercise bike while another student checks their blood pressure

What is FAST?

The Faculty and Staff Fitness Training Program (FAST) is an opportunity for emeriti, their spouses, faculty and staff, and alumni to personally train with exercise science students taking their practicum. 
Emeriti on a treadmill while a faculty member talks to them

Join the Program

Sign-up for the program using our online form. Once the sign-up period has ended, you will be contacted about participating in the program. 
Student measuring another students calf to check BMI

Cost Efficient Program

The cost of the program is 50% off a semester membership at the SERC for faculty and staff. Emeriti can join for free. Spouses or significant others can join for a discounted rate. 

Deadline for Signing Up

The deadline for signing up for the Spring semester is January 20 and the deadline for the Fall semester is August 20. Sign up for the program using our online form below.


Program Staffing

FAST is staffed by exercise mentors.

  • Students currently in the Exercise Science Major taking PEP 455 Practicum for Exercise Programming
  • FAST is a key component of the practicum for the course
  • The primary job of an exercise mentor is to screen, assess, prescribe, and monitor the exercise of the participants in the program


Once the membership sign-up period has ended you will be contacted about participating in the program. Once you have been notified about participating in the program you will have 48 hours to respond and hold your spot in the program for the remainder of the semester.

All interested participants will be entered into a raffle for participation in this program. The number of participants will depend on student enrollment in the practicum course.

Sign-Up Form


The cost of the program is directly tied to your new semester SERC membership. Faculty/staff who are signing up for the FAST program will receive 50% off their SERC membership. A SERC member ship is free for emeriti. Spouses or significant others can join for a discounted rate. As a participant in the program, you are receiving a discounted membership. Failure to continue in the program at any time will result in reimbursement of the discounted amount.

Participant Requirements

  • Meet with your assigned exercise mentor to Complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+) and Client Information Form to determine participant clearance to exercise and undergo a resting blood pressure and heart rate assessment
    • Our program follows the American College of Sports Medicine’s Participation Screening Algorithm
    • Due to the risks associated with exercise participation, some participants will require physician’s approval before exercising in our facility
    • We have a form to fax to your physician for approval if necessary or you can take the Physician Clearance Form to your physician
  • Meet with your exercise mentor to discuss health and fitness related goals
  • Complete a minimum of two Health Assessments from the following list before the end of the semester:
    • Cardiovascular Assessment — Tailored to your specific needs (treadmill, bicycle, arm ergometer, etc) designed to estimate your cardiovascular fitness
    • Body Composition Assessment — (choose one or all assessments) Waist to hip circumference measures, skinfold measures and bioelectrical impedance to assess body size and percent body fat
    • Muscular Strength and Endurance Assessment — Estimating your strength by performing a couple different resistance training exercises
    • Flexibility Screen and Postural Analysis — Identifies postural deviations and movement limitations that may impact fitness training
  • Complete a minimum of 10 Personal Training sessions with your exercise mentor by end of semester, with 5 of them by mid-semester

Your Exercise Mentor will provide you with all of your results and an explanation of them approximately one week after the assessments have been completed. We can provide copies of your information to your health care providers if you would like. The faculty teaching the practicum course will review all assessment data and exercise prescriptions.

Time & Location

FAST takes place in the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC) and operates when the SERC is open. Your exercise mentor will meet you at the front desk before each visit.

  • Personal training with exercise mentors should take place between the hours of 6 am – 8 pm
  • You may exercise on your own at SERC without a mentor but you must meet the minimum number of training sessions, 10 per semester
  • The program begins on the first Monday of each semester and ends on the last Friday before finals week


Liz Lenz, PhD, is the Director of the FAST program. For any questions related to the program, contact us at


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