An internship is required for exercise science majors before graduation. It is designed for students to utilize their classroom, practicum, and laboratory experiences in clinical settings, health organizations, the fitness industry, and sport organizations.


The internship field experience is the capstone of our program. Students enroll in the internship course (PEP 458) typically in their senior year after they have taken a majority of their exercise science courses. Students must commit 320 hours, roughly 22 hours per week, to their internship site and complete the associated coursework. Students also have the option to complete the course over the summer in a more condensed 12 week, 27 hour per week commitment. The internship carries a 6 credit course load.

The main purpose of the internship is to offer students an opportunity to use the knowledge, skills, and abilities attained in the courses of the professional program and practicum and apply them in a field experience. These experiences take place at agencies such as hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and research programs at universities, strength and conditioning programs at universities, and community and corporate fitness settings. The internship experience allows the student to expand their professional knowledge through the interactions with the internship site personnel, clients, and others in the field.

Our department works with a handful of agencies that we have developed a working relationship with to ensure a useful, informative, and engaging internship experience for our students. Students will work closely with the internship coordinator to be matched with an exercise science internship site according to their career aspirations. Students are responsible for their own transportation and living expenses.


  • Prior to internship placement the student must complete all departmental required courses in the major with grades of a C or better. In addition, there is also a GPA requirement that must be:
    • met prior to applying for the internship
    • maintained up until placement at the internship site
  • Students admitted to SUNY Brockport Fall 2015 or later must have at least a 2.75 GPA in their major to apply and complete the internship.

Brockport interns are ready to apply what they have learned and work hard in the weight room. These interns have made our athletes better and contributed to the great culture and atmosphere that Niagara has in the weight room!

Matt W. Head S&C Coach at Niagara University